Bracknell Open 2017 (Inc. International Cup for Clubs)


Bracknell Open 2017 (Inc. International Cup for Clubs)

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October 7th & 8th 2017 – Bracknell, Great Britain

Dear friends of gymnastics, Bracknell Gymnastics Club have pleasure in inviting you to English step of the TeamGym International Cup for Clubs 2017, which will be held during the 11th Bracknell Open TeamGym Tournament (7th & 8th October 2017).



1.     Date

Friday 6th October 2017

Arrival of teams & training

Saturday 7th October 2017

Judges Meeting

TeamGym Competition (including the Int. Cup)

Sunday 8th October 2017

Micro Team Competition Departure

2.     Venue

The competition will take place in the Main Hall, Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bracknell,

Berkshire RG12 9SE, ENGLAND


3.     Participation fee

£150 GBP per team – TeamGym. 

If you supply a brevet judge the fee reduces to £100 or £120 with a lower grade judge.

£50 GBP per Micro Team (3-5 gymnasts – SUNDAY only)


4.     Registration

Entry must be made and paid for online here on the club shop.

Definite Registration & payment:  deadline 30th August 2017


5.     Organising Committee

This event is organised by Bracknell Gymnastics Club with the full support of the UK

TeamGym Technical Committee and in liaison with the other organisers of the TeamGym

International Cup for Clubs. 

Dr Peter Tranckle

Email:  Mobile: +44 7823 333753


6.     Equipment

Floor: 18m x 14m x 3.5cm

Tumble: 15m Eurogym Carbon Fibre Tumble Track with 12m run up.

Trampets: Choice of Eurogym MD Top Elite; Eurogym Super Elite; Dorado (40/36);

Continental TeamGym.

Vault: Tarpan TeamGym Vault

Landing Zones: 6m x 3m x 35cm (Tumble); 6m x 3m x 30cm (Trampet) with 2mx4mx10cm

Supplementary landing mats if required.


7.     Competition Rules

All teams will compete to the UEG CoP 2013 (Modification A & B), but can chose to enter the International Cup (using International Cup for Clubs 2017 modifications) or not (and use British Rules 2017  These duel competitions (International Cup for Clubs & British Rules) are offered in all sections (Men’s Women’s and Mixed; Youth, Junior & Senior; and TeamGym & Micro Team Competition). The entry form will detail which British levels are offered for those not participating in the International Cup for Clubs. Awards will be made in every section entered.

8.     Accommodation

 Information of local hotels is available upon request.


9.     Travel

Nearest Airports to Bracknell Leisure Centre....

Heathrow Airport -  23.2 miles

Gatwick Airport - 45.8 miles

Luton Airport - 51.7 miles

Southampton Airport - 53.1 miles

Stansted Airport - 80.4 miles

Bristol Airport - 99.5 miles


10.  Overall Information about the TeamGym International Cup

Teams can take part in as many competitions as they choose. Winner of the cup is the team which has the highest ranking based upon points achieved at their best two competitions.  

Prizes will be issued by Accademia Acrobatica (subject to terms and conditions).


See the invite for full details.

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