The idea that gymnastics is for girls or that you have to start before you are 6 years old is a gross misconception. At Bracknell Gymnastics Club we have taken on boys in their mid to late teens and many went on to become British Champions and regularly represent Great Britain.

We would recommend the following options for older boys / men wanting to get into gymnastics:

FREESTYLE GYMNASTICS - If you want to start with other boys your age, see some cools skills but learn at your own pace in a mixed ability group then this is a good place to start. The classes tend to be led by our male coaches, many of whom started as teenagers themselves.

SET UP A TRIAL - Some boys come in with some experience and can trial for a place in the competitive programmes. Email for competitive trials.

PRIVATE TRAINING - Many of our coaches also offer private tuition. If you would like to explore this route then please email to enquire.

GYMNASTICS CLASS - We have boys in most of our older gymnastics classes. If you want a class to train with other boys of a similar age and ability then email and will will advise on which classes have more boys at the current time.


Some case studies of boys who started in their teens…

James Langley - British Champion 2015-2019. GB Team 2016 (Slovenia) & 2018 (Portugal). Started gymnastics at age 14.


Stuart Woods - British Champion 2006-2010. GB Team 2006 (Czech Republic), 2008 (Belgium) & 2010 (Sweden). Started gymnastics at age 19.


Alex Smith - British Champion 2009, 2010 & 2012. GB Team 2006 (Czech Republic), 2010 (Sweden) & 2012 (Denmark). Retired from artistic gymnastics at age 12. Returned to TeamGym aged 19.


Lewis Jones - British Champion 2009, 2014-2015. GB Team 2014. Started gymnastics at age 12.