What to Wear


Please take note of this guide on what to wear for gymnastics and trampolining and what to avoid.

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For Gymnastics: Bare feet or gymnastics slippers. Socks (including gripper socks are not permitted). Please ensure that feet are clean and nails are trimmed. If the nails are curling round the end of toes they are too long and likely to snag equipment and tear off causing injury and damage.

If feet get sweaty we use chalk.

Verruca’s should be covered with a paster or other products from a pharmacy to prevent cross infection. However, verrucas are more likely to spread in through wet areas. Socks can not be worn for safety reasons.

For Trampolining: Socks should be worn for trampolining classes and fun sessions.

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Jewellery & Adornments

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Jewellery and other adornments like rubber or string bracelets and anklets must be removed. Where piercings are new and cannot be removed for a period of time then they must be taped and then removed once that period of time has lapsed. The club is not responsible for supplying tape to cover jewellery and reserves the right to refuse participation as this invalidates British Gymnastics insurance.

For upper body: t-shirt / compression top/hoodless jumper

For lower body: shorts/track bottoms for boys; shorts/track bottoms/leggings for girls

Leotards are also an option but we would advise shorts/leggings are also worn with these.

Please do not wear skirts, anything with buckles, toggles or zips that are likely to snag on equipment.



Please ensure that long hair is tied back. Hair should not get in the eyes or contact the floor in handstands/cartwheels. This applies to both boys and girls. Men’s headbands and top knots are popular choices for the boys with long hair.