Refunds for Squad sessions



We receive a few queries about these from new members wishing for refunds due to family holidays or cancelled sessions due to club/national events. However, this is not something we offer and we hope you can understand why as we explain further...


Squad sessions are rarely cancelled but when they are it is for good reasons e.g. National events involving a number of Bracknell Gymnastics Club coaches and gymnasts. It isn't widely known that squad training sessions are priced for two hours by Bracknell Leisure Centre, although the gymnasts receive about 90 minutes of additional free training each week. The coaches and Bracknell Gymnastics Club absorb this for the benefit of the gymnasts and also to save their parents from the additional costs. Unfortunately we have not been able to agree a reasonable rate with the sports centre for 2.5 hour training sessions so we continue to offer the additional training for free. In light of this, we would ask members to be understanding when the occasional session is cancelled and look at this in light of the 72 hours of free training they receive each year (£1080 worth of professional coach time, not to mention use of facilities).