Bracknell Summer Micro Competition 2017


A big thank you to everyone who came and supported our biggest ever Summer Micro TeamGym Competition yesterday. The event ran from 9am to 9pm with 64 teams competing throughout the day. This was 10 teams more than ever before in what was a very hot and fast paced competition. Sadly we could not accommodate all of the teams who wanted to enter (having to turn away 20 teams πŸ™). 


Very proud of all of our volunteers, coaches and gymnasts who were part of the event. Many of the helpers spent the 12 hours darting between various roles (announcing, coaching, competing, moving equipment, judging, presenting awards etc). 


The Robins came 5th and 6th in the L4 girls group which was a very close and competitive section. There was only 0.3 between the girls in 5th place and the winning team. 


The senior competition saw many of the young men who had been there for 11 hours coaching the younger gymnasts suit up for their own competition. Our seniors had to contend with the mightly men's team from Hawth. Although out gunned on difficulty, the Bracknell men excelled on execution to win the day, finishing with the highest scores of the day on both tumbling and trampette. 

The Bracknell Gymnastics Squads are now focusing their training for the upcoming British Championships in Liverpool at the end of the month.